Project Management

Project Management

GAMWORKS, an agency operating on behalf of the government of The Gambia, is responsible for implementing development projects in the area of infrastructure. As a project management-focused organization, GAMWORKS plays a vital role in driving sustainable development, improving the country’s infrastructure, and enhancing the quality of life for its citizens. The project management practices employed by GAMWORKS to successfully execute infrastructure projects in The Gambia include:


Project Identification and Initiation:

GAMWORKS begins its project management process by identifying infrastructure needs in consultation with the government, local communities, and relevant stakeholders. This stage involves conducting feasibility studies, identifying project goals and objectives, and establishing the project scope and constraints. By involving key stakeholders from the outset, GAMWORKS ensures that projects align with the country’s development priorities and address the needs of the local population.


Project Planning:

Once a project is identified and approved, GAMWORKS undertakes comprehensive project planning. This involves creating a detailed project plan, defining project deliverables, establishing timelines, and allocating resources. The agency considers factors such as budgetary constraints, environmental impact, and social considerations during this phase. GAMWORKS also conducts risk assessments to identify potential challenges and develop mitigation strategies to ensure project success.


Procurement and Contract Management:

GAMWORKS manages the procurement process meticulously to ensure transparency, fairness, and compliance with applicable regulations. This involves tendering, evaluating bids, selecting contractors, and negotiating contracts. GAMWORKS emphasizes the importance of competitive bidding to secure the best value for money while promoting fair participation among contractors.


Project Execution and Monitoring:

During the execution phase, GAMWORKS closely monitors project activities to ensure adherence to the project plan and compliance with quality standards. Regular site visits, progress reviews, and effective communication channels enable the agency to track project milestones, identify bottlenecks, and resolve issues promptly. GAMWORKS also engages with local communities to promote stakeholder involvement, address concerns, and foster a sense of ownership in the project.


Quality Assurance and Control:

GAMWORKS places a high emphasis on quality assurance and control throughout the project lifecycle. The agency ensures that construction and engineering activities meet specified standards and conform to relevant codes and regulations. Regular inspections, quality audits, and testing procedures are conducted to maintain high-quality outcomes. Any deviations or deficiencies are identified and rectified promptly to ensure that the final deliverables meet or exceed expectations.


Project Closure and Evaluation:

Upon project completion, GAMWORKS undertakes a thorough review to assess the project’s success against the defined objectives and key performance indicators. This evaluation process helps identify lessons learned, best practices, and areas for improvement in future projects. Additionally, GAMWORKS collaborates with relevant stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition of the project’s operation and maintenance to the appropriate authorities.


Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer:

GAMWORKS recognizes the importance of building local capacity and transferring knowledge to enhance the sustainability of infrastructure projects. The agency actively engages local contractors, suppliers, and communities, providing training and skills development opportunities. By promoting knowledge transfer, GAMWORKS enables local stakeholders to actively participate in project implementation, maintenance, and future infrastructure development initiatives.


 GAMWORKS serves as a crucial entity in The Gambia’s infrastructure development efforts, executing projects on behalf of the government with a focus on effective project management. By employing robust project identification, planning, execution, and monitoring practices, the agency ensures the successful completion of infrastructure projects. GAMWORKS’ commitment to quality assurance, stakeholder engagement, and knowledge transfer contributes to the long-term sustainability and positive impact of these development initiatives in The Gambia.