Role of the Departments

Role of the Departments

The Role of the Departments within GAMWORKS

The Agency consists of three main Departments namely: The Directorate, Technical and Finance & Administration, all of which are under the direct supervision and responsibility of the Director General. The roles of the individual departments are as follows:


This unit is directly under the direction and responsibility of the Director General who is empowered to make any decision necessary for the performance of his functions in accordance with the statutes of the Agency. The Director General generally set and monitors the Agency’s targets and review the status of such targets vis a vis their performance. The Communication and Training Unit is also under the direct supervision of the Director General.


The Technical Department is responsible for all technical matters and related functions under the direct supervision of The Technical Director. The unit manages the Agency’s technical portfolio, including works, Consultants’ services and studies and is in direct charge of the processes of sub-project identification, appraisal, studies, procurement of consultancy services and works, and monitoring of works on site and contract management. The division works closely with the Finance & Administration and Directorate Divisions at all times during the extension of sub-projects and studies contracts.

Finance and Administration

Headed by the Finance and Administration Director, the unit is authorised to be responsible for the admnistrative, legal and financial matters of the Agency. The Department is charged with duties of handling all disbursements, keeping of the accounts, withdrawal applications, payments for works, service contracts and procurement of goods, to be performed strictly and consistently in line with the Agency’s Manual of Procedures. The division works closely with Technical and Directorate Divisions at all times during the execution of sub-projects and studies contracts.

Activities/Intervention Areas

GAMWORKS intervenes in two main ways that is either as a Project Implementation Agency (PIA) or as a Delegated Management Contractor (DMC).

Project Implementation Agency (PIA)

As a PIA, the Agency has implemented projects such as the Public Works and Capacity Building Project (PWCBP), the Poverty Alleviation and Capacity Building Project (PACABP), the Second Public Works Project (SPWP) and is currently implementing the Third Public Works Project (TPWP). The areas of intervention included construction and rehabilitation of roads, markets, carpacks, water supply and environmental projects, training and technical assistance as well as the provision of community centres and other community based projects.

Delegated Management Contractor (DMC)

As a DMC, the Agency is normally responsible for one or more parts of the civil works component of a project, intervening in accordance with the procedures defined in the legal documents of the project in question. Under this concept, GAMWORKS have been engaged to implement a number of Agreements with Project Coordinating Units and Sectors within the various Departments of State. These include the Department of State for Education, Health, Local Government, Trade, Finance and Economic Affairs, Works Construction and Infrastructure, the Gambia Ports Authority, the Office of the President and the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital.

Relationship with International Bodies

The Agency is a member of the African Association of Public Works Executing Agencies (AFRICATIP) which is the umbrella body of Agencies based in 19 member countries. As the only English speaking country in the network, GAMWORKS has successfully facilitated two General Assembly meetings in Banjul and held the mantle of presidency for a two year term from 2006 to 2008.

Monitoring Activities

Since its inception to date, both the accounts and technical capabilities of GAMWORKS have been audited by different internationally recognized firms and found unqualified in all cases. In addition, quarterly supervision missions also visit the Agency to review the performance of the Agency and always found satisfactory.