The Construction of The Bundung Court Complex

Contractor:      MASITA ENTERPRISE

Executing Agency:      GAMWORKS

Beneficiary:    Judiciary of The Gambia (JOG)

Contract Amount:       D31,073,475.00

The project consists of the construction of a two (2) storey office complex and Courtrooms with a floor area of approx. 22384m2. The structure is in a form of a Rectangle.

The ground floor consists of the Reception, three magistrate courts, a central registry, three magistrate offices with clerks, a Lawyer’s room, a Consultation room, a Bailiff and a staff room.

The first floor consists of two High courtrooms, a Cadi court, a Conference room, three magistrate courts, a Judges’ lounge, an Exhibit store, a Prisoner’s room, a Library room, three offices and staff toilets.